Forerunner of Paper Straws

With the increasing number of plastic drinking straws bans, we are coordinating all of our resources and knowledge accumulated through our lifetime experience, while constantly working and learning, in order to provide the complete solution for clients home and abroad.

We intend, as our ultimate goal, to build the very best paper straws manufacturing factory and produce the top-quality paper straws. And we will soon!

Lean Process Management

We built our factory in accordance with the 6S methodology so as to guarantee high quality standards.

Our Mission

Creating a sustainable living environment with biodegradable paper straws. Better the planet, Better the lives.

Get Complete Solutions

If you are intending to build your paper straw factory, you must feel that it takes too much time to complete a line since all machines and materials must be purchased from different suppliers.

PaperstrawTech Department is born to tackle the problem.

We serve as your technical support center, your one-stop supplier of machines and material – saving you time and energy.

There is no Planet B

We may have never thought about the effect that plastic has on our planet.

Plastic straws do not now decompose, they just break down into smaller pieces and are harming our environment.

Our commitment is to fight ocean pollution by offering greener options that will help eliminate plastic straws.

Our Social Responsibility