Considering the demanding of high quality paper straws by some of our clients, we are exclusively developed and produced the 4 layer paper straws. The 4 layer paper straws are thicker and of more weight than traditional 3 layer paper straws. For a straw size of 197x6mm, the 3 layer paper straws weighs 1.2gsm, while the 4 Layer paper straws weights 1.7gsm, the 4 layer’s are 42% heavier than 3 layer’s. The obviously result is that 4 Layer straws are much sturdy and holding up in water much longer time than 3 layer straws. If your clients are complaining on your easily soggy paper straws, you may as well try our 4 layer paper straws!

  • Length: 7.75”, 197mm; Outside Diameter: 0.236”, 6mm.
  • 100% Biodegradable and compostable. Our test proved that they will biodegrade in 100 days in a backyard compost or ocean environment.
  • Material: FDA approved virgin kraft paper, 3 layers of paper in weight of 125/125/63gsm; FDA approved glue and ink.
  • Durability: hold up well and perform excellently in both cold and hot drinks.
  • Certification: FSC, FDA, LFGB, EU.
  • Custom service: we provide service of custom paper straws and packages.