Especially developed for cups with sealing films, pointy paper straws will enable paper straws to pierce through the film. They are a great alternative to the plastic straws with sharp ends. Narrower than Bubble/Boba Tea straws, they are developed to be used in beverages and milk. Sturdy diagonal cut design – easy to pierce into the drink holes! We comply with the increasing “PlasticBan” Activities, we produce eco-friendly & disposable paper straws to protect our earth!

Jumbo/Giant Pointy paper straws regular diameter: 6mm, 8mm; Length available: from 100mm to 260mm long
Straw type: diagonal cut pointy paper straws
100% Biodegradable and compostable.
Material: FDA approved kraft paper, glue and ink.
Application: Beverage, Milk
Durability: strong sturdy quality, more than 24 hours in cold drinks and at least 1 hour in hot drinks.
Certification: FSC, FDA, LFGB, EU.