Giant paper straws are 2mm diameter wider than standard jumbo paper straws. They are great biodegradable paper drinking straws for milkshakes, smoothies and some thick drinks. Like our jumbo paper straws, giant paper straws are also available in rich color patterns, and can be individually wrapped. An eco choice for sipping drinks.

Length: 7.75inch or 197mm; Outer Diameter: 8mm
Straw Type: giant paper straws
Features: 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
Material: FDA approved kraft paper and glue.
Application: milkshakes, smoothies and some thicker drinks.
Durability: more than 24 hours in cold drinks, and least 1 hour in hot drinks.
Certification: FSC, FDA, LFGB, EU.
Custom service: custom paper straws and packages.